Our Tournament Philosophy and Rules

The Sant Jordi Philosophy governing our tournaments are on the following link:


Adrian Cox
Club liaison, logistics, Registrations and Order of Merit.
Registration requests, Special needs of players, communication of players to venues, collating data for the web page, newsletter and photography. Circulation of data, What’s App manager. Co-presentation at events & photography.
Adrian together with Graham Nash and several other members of the British Community founded The Sant Jordi Golf Society at the Vallromanes Golf Club in 1995. The first event being played the following month. He presently holds the record of 16 tournament wins including the 2008 Major Saint Andrews Open Championship. He took over the Presidency of the society in April 2013. He presently continues with the web tasks, newsletter and administration of events in a lesser capacity. He was British Pro-Consul in Barcelona for 23 years.
Mobile: 691 805 744 - HALL OF FAME MEMBER - Mail Adrian Cox
Albert Sant
Legal, Club Liaison and Logistics Manager
Club liaison and logistics with Direction at Osona Montanya Golf Club and restaurant, Co-presentation at events & photography.
Albert joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society in the early days of its formation and is a longstanding and respected member of the team. Albert is a member of the Sant Jordi Hall of Fame and holder of 8 Sant Jordi tournament victories. He joined the committee of the society in April 2013 and holds the title of Vice-President. Albert is a founder of Interlegal and a prestigious lawyer practicing in Barcelona and the surrounding areas. He is one of the two players presently in active play that has scored a hole in one at Montanya and is a keen low handicap golfer. ALBERT SANT -
Mobile: 667 704 225 - HALL OF FAME MEMBER - Mail Albert Sant
Brent Ledford
Society Captain and Treasurer
Society Captain, Treasurer, purchase of prizes, preparations at event venues, presentation at events & photography.
One of our growing contingent of American players, Brent Ledford, is a retired prosecutor (21+ years) and was a former police officer (18+ years) before that. He’s from the Los Angeles area of Southern California.  While in serving the U.S. Air Force, he was stationed in Brindisi, southern Italy for 31/2 years (1969-73) and really came to enjoy the southern European lifestyle.  A few years after he retired, he decided to re-kindle his love for southern Europe and moved to Barcelona in 2011 with his wife, Marilynn. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society and he has gradually increased his participation in the organization since then, recently winning the “coveted” Homer Award.  In July 2014, he volunteered to become the Treasurer.  
Chris Burke
Information Manager
Circulation of Sant Jordi Information via web sources, Sant Jordi Twitter Manager.
Logistics for new Sant Jordi golf shirts. Surveys and questionnaires. Co-presentation at events & photography.Chris will join the committee of the Sant Jordi Golf Society in April 2014. He has a proven record in organising our events & brings youth and a new ideas to the Society. Chris is coordinating the Sant Jordi Golf Society Linkedin page so we look forward to his contribution to the group and the continued bond between the Society and the Spectrum IFA Group in Barcelona.
Mobile: 689915730. Mail Chris Burke
Craig McLaughlan
Sponsor Liaison Manager and Logistics
Liaison with all the collaborators for the Sant Jordi Events and in particular with Stijn Teeuwen and The Spectrum IFA Group for the promotion of the Major Tournaments. Co-presentation at events & photography.
Craig Joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society committee in February 2015 after geing a player for several years. Still active in the group he has three tournament wins to his credit.
Mobile: 654 873 521. Mail Craig McLaughlan
Paul Glover
Venue and Competition Manager
Tasked With: Organization of venues for our tournaments, formats of the competitions and dates. Society Tours, Federation Handicaps, Co-presentation at events & photography.
Paul Joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society committee in February 2015 after geing a player for several years. Still active in the group he has four tournament wins to his credit.
Mobile: 607429650- Mail Paul Glover

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