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The Sant Jordi Golf Society was formed as such in 1995. When I arrived in Barcelona in late 1978 there were already active Cricket, Squash and Tennis Clubs not to forget to mention football (Both F.C. Barcelona and R.C.D. Espanyol were formed with British Nationals among their founder members, the most notable being the Witty family.  Back to 1980’s where cricket took prevalence but at the same time the British Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona organized a annual tournament that was played for many years at the now disappeared club next to the airport in Barcelona. Upon closure of ‘R.C.G El Prat’ in 1993 the tournament was switched to the course at ‘Vallromanas’ located just north of Barcelona and it is here in August 1995 where a group of players present in that match decided to hold a monthly event to be played at a new course that had opened around three years earlier that was the location of the cross country equestrian events during the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. Graham Nash who had recently played there (as a guest of Ralph Griffin) suggested that we might play at Montanya.

The Founder Members of the Society were therefore: Clive Callaghan, Adrian Cox, David English, Ralph Griffin, Kevin Livesey, David Minshaw, Graham Nash, & Manuel Sastre.
The venue that we chose to play our first events under the new name of ‘The Anglo Catalan Sant Jordi Golf Society’ was therefore The Osona Montanya Golf Club where we play to this day.  The Sant Jordi Golf Society was formed as a friendly group and has no formal constitution. Our players group actually comes from around 30 countries around the world and our philosophy is to enjoy a round of golf surrounded by the beautiful Montanya Mountains followed by a nice lunch at the course and the conversation of all our friends.
With the principle impetus of the Founder members and above all Graham Nash, assisted by Adrian Cox and Mike Thom we took the events forward to the next century. Once the 2012 season was completed and the society well established, Our President (De Facto) Graham thought it time for him to stand down from the committee (for a well-deserved rest) and to draw in new ideas to take the society forward. The reigns were then taken over by Adrian Cox who formed a new committee that consisted of (initially), Adrian Cox, Mike Thom, Albert Sant and Xavier Pitarque with the subsequent incorporation of Mick Walsh, Chris Burke, Craig McLaughlan, Brent Ledford and Paul Glover.
The present committee or directive group is ‘Chaired’ by Adrian Cox and consists of Brent Ledford, Albert Sant, Chris Burke, Craig McLaughlan and Paul Glover. Their roles were established and are detailed on the following link:

All of those present at our first match at MontanyĆ  will remember the day well as a memorable occasion on the course and also off. During the lunch break, after a dampish round the heavens opened and left the course white with hail. We did all manage to complete our rounds, unlike the second visit when rain and lightning called things to an end on the 17th hole (and on the next occasion when torrential rain stopped us on the 9th).  No record exists on who won that inaugural event at Montanya, but prizes were aplenty and everyone went home with a great memory and a prize of one form or another (including an umbrella!). Nearest the pins and Long Drive prizes were also awarded. It is from these roots that our tradition and a relationship with Golf Montanya started and has flourished ever since. As mentioned we formed to enjoy the surroundings, the companionship and the course at Montanya where we have been made welcome and a fixture for the last Thursday of each month. The Sant Jordi Golf society is NON LUCRATIVE and the events are held for the enjoyment of the friends we have made over the years.

Our 20th anniversary tournament was played at Montanya in September 2015 and our 250th tournament will be played at MontanyĆ  in November 2015.

Adrian Cox founded and developed a website and blog for the society that has received over a million page clicks since 2007. The web: www.santjordigolf.com is to facilitate information to the members and players wishing to join us. Give us a ring and we will give you all the details.

The players who partipated in our 200th tournament at Montanya
If you would like to have a round with us at the Sant Jordi Golf Society, please mail us at Sant Jordi Golf:

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